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RFID Solutions

  • RFID is a flexible technology that allows businesses to close the gap between acquiring data, converting it to meaningful information and automating all associated transactions.It can provide traceability and real-time control to meet customer and regulatory requirements while actually Improving efficiency and profitability. RFID can be read-only or read / write, does not require contact or line-of-sight to operate, can function under a variety of environmental conditions, and provides a high level of data integrity. In addition, because the technology is difficult to counterfeit, RFID provides a high level of security.
    • RFID is a versatile technology and can be used in a wide range of applications, wherever there is a need to automatically identify items. Examples of application areas where RFID is already widely used include:
    • - IT Asset Management System.
    • - Time Tracking System.
    • - Real Time Pallet Tracking System.
    • - Garment Tracking System.
    Our Solutions
    • We provide you both RFID based hardware and RFID based software. We made the S/W for Personalization using desktop RFID reader. The application is developed in .Net technology. The back end is maintained in SQL Server. The code is made by .NET experienced professionals and highly secured for your organization.
    • We provide the platforms for managing RFID data and routing it between tag readers or other auto identification devices and enterprise systems.
    • We also develope RFID software on .Net Compact Framework which runs on mobile computer. It’s also having a provision for system to work in offline mode in case WIFI is not available.