Our Soluitons


Garment Tracking System

  • Our solution for garment tracking system is incorporate combination of Garment Tracking software, Portable Devices, Access Point, RFID tags as require by industries.
  • Traditional Approach
    • The manual system is very labour intensive and require different people to wash, to give for auto cleaving and tie garments before they were manually pushed down for final storage in stores.
    Key Problem Areas
    • Delay in Delivery:
      Delays in delivery of clean garments.
    • Inaccurate Delivery :
      Inaccuracies in delivery.
    • Human Error :
      Higher risk of human error.
    • Disruption in availability :
      Disruption in garment availability results in losses all around.
    • New Inventory :
      New Inventories have to be bought to fill requirement gaps.
    Our Solutions
    • With our system, one can hope to reduce delays in garment processing and delivery.
    • The solution includes RFID tags and RFID hardware infrastructure: A small RFID tag, containing the garment ID numbers is sewn or stick into the garment, enabling each item to be tracked and automatically sorted through the laundering process. Operating at a frequency of 13.56MHz, the tag is programmed with data which is stored, accessed and managed by client using RFID portable readers. The tag extermaly resistant to water, heat and pressure.