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Asset Tracking System

  • Our solutions for asset tracking and management system is incorporate combination of asset management software, Portable Devices, Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printer and Barcode Labels/RFID tags as require by industries. We provide Asset Tracking System in Mumbai and across India for all types of businesses.
  • Traditional Approach
    • As per the traditional approach, on acquisition of the asset, the concerned person from the concerned department makes a manual entry in records, and then assigns it manually to a user or a department as per the requirement. At the time of audit, he manually checks each and every asset and then matches with the records.
    Key Problem Areas
    • Need Lot of Manpawer:
      A lot of manpower is used to manually track and update the details of the physical assets.
    • Error in Process :
      The process is more susceptible to errors.
    • Wrong Handling :
      In-efficiencies that fall in place may lead to huge costs and affect profitability.
    • Disruption in availability :
      Disruption in asset availability results in losses all around.
    • New Assets :
      New assets have to be bought to fill requirement gaps.
  • Our AssetCare Solutions
    • When a physical asset is not in its right place or cannot be correctly identified, then this results in additional costs and inefficiency. The solution is designed for the management and movement of physical assets.
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    • Advantage :
    • - Saves time, effort and money on auditting tasks.
    • - Wasted, Unutilized assets can be redeployed usefully or sold.
    • - Allows for informed Assets replacement planning without wastages.
    • - Correct information on warranties and therefore, control on service levels and costs.
    • - Staff monitoring & guidance - optimal staff dispatching and performance monitoring.
    • - Increase asset & equipment visibility - increase productivity.
    • - Asset & event management - faster reaction to inventory arrival and dispatching events.
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    • Key Highlights :
    • - Maintains fixed asset inventories with location and allocation details.
    • - Facilitates Asset Audit.
    • - Compatible with Barcode and RFID technologies.
    • - Integrated with Barcode/RFID based portable devices.
    • - Maintains AMC, Warranty, Depreciation and Maintenance details with reminder alert.
    • - Data import and export with MS Excel.
    • - Third party ERP Integration (SAP/Oracle/SQL etc.)
    • - Wireless support.

What is Asset Tracking System?

An asset tracking system merges desktop software, barcode scanners, barcode labels and mobile devices to consolidate the tracking of assets which includes equipment, products, tools etc., from acquisition to retirement in a firm.

How it Works?

The three main functions of asset tracking are documenting asset attributes, location identification and tracking movement. Other functions comprise of capturing pictures, taking signatures when items move, scheduling maintenance events, performing maintenance events, depreciation calculations and so forth.

How will it benefit your business?

Asset Tracking System can uniquely identify each and every product. Majority of assets such as electronic equipment come with a unique identifier already like their serial number. Locating assets is an important and visit job for several businesses. Usually, company-owned resources are hoarded and then shared all through an office or spread out to numerous locations. Assets are shifted when required by individuals or to be made available for a plethora of projects. It is vital to trace all movement and changes of possession as time passes.

With an asset tracking software, one can find out where each asset is placed and view who the assigned custodian is. Moreover, if a product has been checkout out or reserved for a duration, one can figure out when it will be retuned, shipped back or be available again. It saves time, effort and money on auditing tasks. Any unutilized asset can be redeployed usefully or sold. It enables informed assets replacement planning without wastages.  One can avail correct information on warranties and thus, control on service levels and expenses. It Increases productivity and there is a quick response to inventory arrival and dispatching events.

Our Asset Tracking System and Solutions

When a physical asset is not is in this correct location or cannot be rightly identified, then this leads to additional expenses and inefficiency. The solution is meant for the management and movement of physical assets. Vision Barcode Solutions offers superior Asset Tracking System that maintains fixed asset inventories with location and allocation details and enables asset audit. It is compatible with barcode and RFID technologies. It is integrated with barcode/RFID based portable devices. It maintains AMC, warranty, depreciation, maintenance details with reminder alter. It facilitates data import and export with MS Excel. There is third party ERP Integration (SAP, Oracle, SQL etc) and enables wireless support.