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Portable RFID Readers

  • We provide solutions for all types of Radio Frequency Identification Reader Devices (RFID) in Mumbai. Our Fixed RFID Tag Readers are based on industrial requirement, whether it is long life RFID Card, RFID Inlays or high temperature RFID Metal Tags which can be used in IT Asset, Warehouse, Logistics, Manufacturing industries.
  • MC 3190-Z
    • The MC3190-Z is a bussiness-class handheld RFID reader designed specifically to extend the benefits of RFID beyond industrial spaces and into customer-facing and bussiness environments.
    • Scan Engine:
      1D/ 2D
    • OS:
      Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3
    • Memory:
      256MB RAM/1GB
    • Frequency Range:
      EU: 865-868 MHz; US: 902-928 MHz
    • RFID Antenna Type:
      Integrated Orientation Insensitive
    • Applications:
      Warehouse Management System, POS, Transportation, Manufacturing
  • MC 9190-Z
    • MC9190-Z RFID reader is a high-performance, industrial-grade RFID handheld reader that delivers best-in-class RFID read range and accuracy.
    • Scan Engine:
      1D/ 2D DPM
    • OS:
      Windows Mobile 6.5
    • Memory:
      256 MB/1 GB Flash
    • Frequency Range:
      802.11a-5 GHz; 802.11b–2.4 GHz; 802.11g–2.4 GHz
    • WLAN:
      802.11 a/b/g
    • Applications:
      Warehouse Management System, POS, Transportation, Manufacturing
    • Turn zebra mobile devices into bussiness-class handheld RFID Readers
    • Scan Engine:
      RFID only
    • Standards Supported:
      EPG Global Class 1 Gen 2
    • Frequency Range:
      US: 902-928 MHz
    • Compatible Host Devices:
      MC55, MC65, MC67

What is RFID Tag Reader?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) utilizes electromagnetic fields to automatically detect and track tags attached to products. The tags store electronically stored information. Passive tags gather energy from a close-by RFID reader’s interrogating radio waves. Active tags comprise of a local power source and may operate hundreds of meters from the RFID reader.

How does it work?

Unlike a barcode, it is not required for the tag to be within the sight of the reader, so it could be embedded in the tracked object. RFID systems encompass three elements – RFID tag, RFID reader and an antenna. RFID tags houses an integrated circuit and an antenna, which are utilized to transmit data to the RFID reader. The reader then turns the radio waves to a more usable form of data. Details gathered from the tags are then moved through a communications interface to a host computer system, where the data can be collected in a database and examined at a later stage.

How will it Benefit?

There are numerous advantages of a RFID Tag Reader. ActiveWave RFID technologies offer unique solutions to complex logistical tracking of inventory of equipment. When it comes to barcodes, the labels need to be ‘seen’ by lasers which become difficult, particularly in industrial settings. RFID technology can facilitate tag reader from a great distance, even in adverse conditions. ActiveWave RFID tags come with electronic memory and can store information about the inventory or equipment. The details can be updated as and when required. RFID tag readers can track people, products and equipment in real-time.

Our RFID Tag Readers

Vision Barcode Solutions can deliver solutions for all kinds of Fixed RFID Tags pertaining to industrial requirement, whether it is long life RFID Card, RFID Inlays or high temperature RFID Metal Tags which can be utilized in IT Asset, Warehouse, Logistics and Manufacturing sectors.