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Barcode Printing Ribbons

  • We offer the finest quality of Thermal transfer ribbons to ensure trouble free operation and minimum Print head wear. Choosing the right ribbon that’s compatible for the printer and label material is extremely important. By using genuine ribbons, you can always be assured of quality and durability.
    • Thermal transfer ribbons come in 3 main varieties, depending on type of print head:-
      - Wax : Wax ribbons have lower melting points than resin substances, and hence printing can be done at lower heat settings.
      - Wax /resin : It offers excellent resistance to chemicals on paper. It can be used with glossy or smooth surfaces and synthetic materials, where there is a chance of abrasion or scratch due to contact.
      - Resin : Resin ribbons are durable against chemicals and its long life makes it best suited for harsh environments which have extreme conditions. Printing with resin ribbons is done at high energy levels as resins have a high melting point.